Prodacapo ABM

Prodacapo ABM enables your organization to make better strategic and operational decisions to increase profitability, manage cost and improve operational efficiency. Prodacapo ABM is an activity-based costing solution. It is constructed using a cause- and effect relationship showing how customers consume products and services, which in turn is driven by activities and the resources utilized to conduct the activities. The costing model is based on the description of the organization, who does what. Clarifying this relationship brings deeper understanding of the cost consumption. It allows you to view costs in a way you have never seen them before, i.e. not solely by departments.


Use Prodacapo ABM to track the cost and profitability per customer, product, service, sales channel or distribution channel. No matter what objects or areas you are analyzing, the greatest benefit by running Prodacapo ABM is gaining a thorough understanding on how to affect the result. 

Prodacapo Dashboard

Using Prodacapo Dashboard you can collect and share customized information to be presented in the Prodacapo web interface.

Prodacapo Dashboard is a role-based portal where you can easily create pages available to specific user groups in Prodacapo.

Prodacapo Power Analytics IMA

Prodacapo Power Analytics IMA extends the analysis and reporting capabilities of the Prodacapo software and offers online analysis (IMA) for a fast multi-dimensional analysis. You can quickly and easily turn and twist data to obtain the information needed.

Prodacapo Reporting Data Mart

Prodacapo Reporting Data Mart enables you to do multi-dimensional analyzes of the results in Prodacapo. Using Prodacapo Reporting Data Mart you can create analyzes in an optional system or environment without having knowledge of the Prodacapo tables.