Our Services

Our consultancy services

Our offering includes more than delivering a software or report. Prodacapo and our network of certified partners provide a full range of consulting, training and support services for your long-term success. Our experienced consultants and partners help you to meet your business needs and to implement our software rapidly and cost-effectively. We transfer knowledge on best practices and make sure you and your organization know how to use the Prodacapo software solutions to achieve maximum value. You choose the level of support you need. 


Situation assessment

We'll be glad to help you with a review of your current situation, identifying what challenges your organization is facing and how we can meet your requirements. We also help identifying what type of information is needed, in what format and how the data collection can be done, etc.



If you prefer, we perform a workshop to present what result you can expect. This is done by selecting a well defined part of your business on which we build a costing model together as a practical example.


Project planning

Our experienced consultants and consultancy partners can provide you with recommendations on how to put together a project group (based on your project type and skill requirements), time estimating the project, planning the project implementation and establishing a common vision.


Your project team is supported by our experienced consultants or partners.


Implementation support

With proven methodologies and repeatable processes to drive rapid results and quality, we will work with you throughout the entire implementation, or if you prefer, just during specific parts of the project — you choose the level of service you need.

Integration support

We'll be glad to assist you installing, getting started and setting up Prodacapo. All Prodacapo software solutions can be integrated with your existing IT-systems. Our integration services ensure that your IT-systems and Prodacapo solutions integrate successfully.


Model design

Take advantage of our experience in model design. We'll be glad to help you to design and modify your costing model based on your needs. We assist you with your model design during the implemention phase and when developing the model further.



Learn more about Prodacapo from our experts and quickly bring users, administrators and executives up to speed. We offer customized training on site, classroom courses, train the trainer options and materials for self-paced training. 


Customized analyses

Our software includes a variety of standard analysis and reporting. For customized analyses and reports, ask our experienced consultants to assist.



Need help to simulate the outcome of different scenarios? The outcome can be defined in financial terms or in other types of values, for example how the resource capability requirement is affected if changing the production volume the coming year.


Performance management

Are you getting maximum value from your Prodacapo software? Do you want to improve performance even further? Perhaps you have reorganized or changed business requirements or staff. A review will provide you with a roadmap to enhance performance. Our experts will assess where you are now and what you need to improve. 

Get quick thorough assistance from our CPM consultants to analyze your costing and profitability, draw conclusions and make small or more comprehensive adjustments based on your Prodacapo model.