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For 20 years we have been privileged to work with successful companies and organizations from a wide range of industries. Most of our clients are mid-sized or large organizations and multi-national groups. 


Thanks to a close cooperation with our customers, we continuously develop our solutions to secure greater results and a long term success for our users.


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Alberta Blue Cross logotype

Non-profit organizations don’t need to be efficient. True? 

"No, we must be even more diligent in how we use our money", says Stephen Douglas, Alberta Blue Cross. They are now developing a costing model to help them make more strategic and operational decisions.

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Private sector

The Danish pilotage company DanPilot will in the future be subject to competition in areas where it currently has a monopoly. With the introduction of activity-based costing, ABC, they have got a better overview of the profitability and at the same time laid the foundation for future decisions.

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With lean, activity based costing and management King County in Washington wants to meet the customer demands while maintaining King County’s operational cost low.


Senior management has been forced to find ways to maximize the use of resources to provide the same level of service in an efficient manner. 

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Pipelife, a leading supplier of plastic pipe systems, is implementing Prodacapo to establish a successful and long-term growth. By running Prodacapo they now have a more accurate costing tool and a deeper understanding of how to improve the profitability.


"Prodacapo ABM provides us with an essential basis for making business decisions," says Greg Tzavelopoulos, Head of CPM at Pipelife.


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Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, with a team of 6000 staff, is an integrated provider of hospital, community and primary care services, including the University Teaching Hospital.


Management and staff at Salford Royal are passionate about quality and patient safety and have recognised the need for greater transparency of what is really driving performance and costs across the Trust. To obtain more reliable and credible management information that could provide a better understanding of both the income and cost of patients' treatments, Salford Royal chose the Prodacapo software and appointed Bellis-Jones Hill, Prodacapo's partner in UK, to support their implementation of Service Line Reporting and Patient Level Costing.


"The information has helped enormously to inform our discussions across a range of issues as we know which areas are profitable or not and, most importantly, we can start to explain why", says Stephen Kennedy, Deputy Director of Finance, Salford Royal.

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Uppsala County Council

Until recently, the radiology departments at Uppsala county council in Sweden had to work hard to calculate and understand their costs and price list. The price list was based on a 20-year-old costing model, which was complicated to update and lacked transparency. It was difficult for the radiology departments at Uppsala University Hospital and Enköping Hospital to tell radiology customers which products and costs were included in the price.  


A lot has happened since then...

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What our customers say

"Implementing Prodacapo was a strategic decision we made to respond to the new market conditions for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands."


"At the early phase of the project, some of the departments were quite hesitant in participating, but as soon as we were able to present the first results of our project the doubtfulness was replaced by enthusiasm."

Niek Bossché & Paul Steinbush
Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands



"Prodacapo provides us with great information and more precise patient costing data."


"It's also very important for us to compare and analyze on different levels and in between different departments. Prodacapo gives us better management information of for example resource consumption per patient treatment."

Reidun Martine Rømo

Ekonomichef, Helse Midt-Norge

”Using Prodacapo's TDABC methodology (Time Driven ABC) means we have got a an easy-to-use costing tool, a costing model that is easy to understand and a unified method to track the patient level costs.”

Roland Ylander
Head of patient level costing, County council of Jämtland, Sweden

Erasmus MC
Helse Midt Norge
Jämtlands läns landsting

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