Easier workflows with Prodacapo 2017.1

Easier workflows with Prodacapo 2017.1

On November 1, FCG Prodacapo releases the new version Prodacapo 2017.1. The ambition of this version is to make it easier to build and maintain models in Prodacapo, enabled by predefined templates for updating data and easier workflows. There is also improved functionality for data transparency and analysis.

– In April 2017 Prodacapo AB and Datawell Oy merged into one, and this has given us synergies in our development process. We develop our products together with our customers, and a larger customer base gives us a better basis to develop solutions that are appreciated by the users. In this release our focus has been to make it easier to build and maintain models, and on better transparency in the analysis, says Erika Sundefors, Development Manager at FCG Prodacapo.


Some of the news in Prodacapo 2017.1

  • Streamlined processes/ workflows for building and maintaining models in Prodacapo 
  • Import/Export in thew web interface for administrative users also
  • Extended analysis and validation possibilities   


If You want to know more about the improvements in Prodacapo, You are more than welcome to contact us by mail: info@prodacapo.com or tel. +46 8 622 25 00.  


Download information will be sent out to all clients with valid agreement.