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We've been working closely together with healthcare providers for many years and developed a software solution that helps controlling their costs, become more efficient and thereby meet challenges such as providing high quality patient care with less resources and understanding the financial and operational impact of new payment models, care guarantees and patient's choice of care. Our software and methodology are based on more than 20 years of experience within ABC costing and performance management.

​The Prodacapo Healthcare Solution allows your organization to view costs in a way you have never seen them before. Typically healthcare providers identify their cost solely by department. However, patients utilize multiple departments during their treatments. Prodacapo can assist your organization to track the costs per patient across the various activities performed in each department.


Prodacapo enables service line managers to identify the best solution to optimize the patient care process. In addition, you can use the activity costs to calculate the cost per patient, diagnosis or procedures. The activity based data can provide the insight to understand "why" the costs vary for patients with the same diagnosis or procedure. Once you have this information, you can proactively identify opportunities for cost reductions by reducing the NVA (non value added) activities and provide the same level of service at lower cost.


The same information can be utilized to support negotiations with payers to obtain more accurate rates for specific procedures or diagnosis. The data can also be used to understand the trade offs during the negotiation process. Our costing solution is based on how healthcare providers actually provide services (i.e. what resources are utilized to treat patients).

Holistic approach

Prodacapo offers an activity based solution to identify costing that is rooted in the organization, thereby creating an understanding throughout the organization. For an even better holistic approach we recommend integrating our costing solution with our solutions for planning, simulation, scorecard and/or process optimization.

Patient Level Costing - and much more

Use our activity-based costing solution to identify costing that is rooted in the organization and thereby creating an understanding throughout the organization. Our costing solution includes a well developed concept for Patient Level Costing. The concept inlcudes software, methodology, templates, reports, matching routines, integration to patient administrative systems and other existing systems.


Patient level costing provides great information on which to analyze cost for different treatments and patients. It also provides a basis for reliable information on effective resource allocation, improved basis for decision, and a greater understanding of how costs are consumed.


Planning & Simulation - with actual cause and effect relationship

Our solution for planning and simulation will allow you to rapidly simulate and analyze the financial effects of different scenarios, such as changes in demands of care, outsourcing of treatments, changes in operating theatre utilization, etc. ​You can easily obtain new resource requirements derived from the planned throughput and match this information with the current resource capacity. Any change simulated in resource capacity will automatically be converted into a cost per account and cost center. Our activity based planning solution is developed to establish the actual cause and effect relationship between resource consumption and delivered services and treatments. A relationship that is often absent in traditional planning.


Management & Measurement - Scorecard

Use the scorecard solution of Prodacapo to measure, follow up and analyze whether your business is on the right track. If finding that you are not meeting your goals, you can take corrective actions in a timely manner before delays become costly. And while measurement values represent what has already happended, intiatives are established to influence the future.


Prodacapo gathers the initiatives and provides ongoing status reports, which are linked to measurement or critical success factors in the scorecard. This gives management an overview and the opportunity to prioritize resources between different initiatives.


Continuous improvements - more time for care

How do you improve your healthcare organization to be more efficient and to create more time for care?


We support the Lean philosophy (i.e. how to manage resources over the long term). The purpose of Lean is to identify all factors in the process flow (patient path) that do not create value for your patients and your partners. Many of our clients use our process solution to identify non-value added activities and eliminating waste to improve the patient's experience.


Processes should be measured based on the dimensions of quality, time and cost. Our lean/process offering assists you to define, measure, analyze, improve and control all aspects of the process flow. In order to ensure that every process provides value, it is important for these processes to be continuously measured. Measuring processes provides a basis for continuous improvements and benchmarking.

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Prodacapo PLC +
TDABC model that makes advantage

The Prodacapo Healthcare Solution means more than Patient Level Costing. It's a time driven och activity based costing model that actually makes advantage in your organization. To achieve this you need to calculate more than just the number of produced items and costs apportioned. Prodacapo also enables you to describe all acitivites performed by all contacts that meet the patient, including the time apportion per caring service and per different resources and job types.

Holistic and transparent

The Prodacapo costing model is built up by the activities performed within the organization, which means you will easily recognize your daily work in the model and hence easily be able to verify the cost apportion. The model is easy to understand and analyze. By a simple click you can follow the costs traced from cost centres/accounts, via resources, activiites to services attached to unique contacts.


Easy to update and maintain

The costing model must be easy to maintain and update with data from new periods. It's equally important that the model is easy to adjust according to changes within the organization. What you need is therefore a clear structure and a user friendly interface. It's also important that the system enables you to give permissions to different users depending on what kind of tasks they will do.


"The project has given us an invaluable connection between our finance and production, which is usually difficult to achieve."

Adel Shalabi
Project manager & Operations manager,
Uppsala county council

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