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26 September 2016
The Danish pilotage company DanPilot will in the future be subject to competition in areas where it currently has a monopoly. With the introduction of activity-based costing, ABC...
12 September 2016
Value based healthcare. The new buzzword. I’ve read a jungle of books and research covering the topic. However, most of it is based upon prerequisites in the US or a fee-for-...
8 September 2016
- My goal is to help make a difference for small and medium sized businesses, says Kim Gudiksen Hansen. He saw at a close range his father's bankruptcy and that founded what...
30 August 2016
There is abundant evidence that when activity based costing replaces traditional, broadly averaged cost allocations that are not based on causal relationships, then the before-and...
9 August 2016
From August 1, Prodacapo North America has moved to Seattle, WA.
8 August 2016
Hi there Björn Sjögren, ICA Sweden, one of Prodacapo’s customers since many years. How much should the ketchup cost?