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6 December 2016
How many people in your organization love the annual budgeting process? Probably none. The mere mention of the word "budget" raises eyebrows and evokes cynicism. It...
Prodacapo 2017
23 November 2016
New reporting tools, flexible tracing of overhead, and enhanced analysis capabilities. This is something You will see in the new version Prodacapo 2017, which will be released on...
2 November 2016
His dream country to live and work in was New Zealand. But instead he ended up as Prodacapo’s partner on the North American west coast. Meet Frank Van Vliet, our sovereign ABC-...
11 October 2016
Activity-based costing step by step. Maria Goldkuhl guides you through the steps of a successful implementation of ABC
6 October 2016
Non-profit organizations don't need to be efficient. True? "No, we must be even more diligent in how we use our money", says Stephen Douglas, Alberta Blue Cross....
Maria Goldkuhl, Prodacapo
29 September 2016
Five steps for an effective implementation of activity-based costing (ABC).