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Integration with Prodacapo Connect
31 January 2017
With a smart integration between your IT environment and Prodacapo You automatically load and validate data in Prodacapo with Connect, Prodacapos own ETL-tool. Integration is...
From PLC to Performance Management - Prodacapo
24 January 2017
Patient Level Costing (PLC) provides not just data for national comparison - but also great data for Performance Management. Many managers know about the PLC, but for some reason...
Prodacapo: From management to leadership
10 January 2017
The importance of understanding the business or operational model has not changed much. However, it has become much more difficult than before. Conditions change faster today in...
Prodacapo 2017
9 January 2017
New reporting tools, flexible tracing of overhead, and enhanced analysis capabilities. This is something You will see in the new version of Prodacapo 2017.
Prodacapo Summary 2017
20 December 2016
It feels like time runs fast just before Christmas. Before the holidays, it can be good to take the time and reflect on what happened during the past year, about lessons learned,...
Helping is important for Prodacapo
13 December 2016
This year’s Christmas contribution is to make the world a better place, especially for children. One way of doing this is by supporting help other non-profit organisations instead...